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November 6, 2017

5 Tips for Client Gifts They’ll Love

Corporate holiday gifting can be a daunting and mundane chore or a task of creativity and appreciation. Here are a few tips to make recognizing your team & clients easier.


custom corporate gift packaging - presentation is key

Consider packaging your gift in a custom branded box, wrapping paper rather than handing them out naked or in a generic box. Going custom offers a large design space for just the right messaging, and the extra touch to make the hand off and receiving convenient and extra impressive. Another avenue is to insert the gift into another useable item, creating a package of items.


quiet branding - keep your logo subtle

Minimalistic and quiet branding is on trend and what people appreciate. Gone are the days of billboard logos and products plastered with phone numbers. Consider a small leather patch added to a bag or a simple woven tag or patch added to a pouch or hat. Opt for tone on tone looks or a debossed logo rather than a color version. Look to retail trends to drive your design. If you would pay for it, it’s probably a win with your peers.


Retail trends or edibles for corporate gifts

Co-branding your brand with larger retail brands is a win-win. Aligning your company with the status and reputation of a retail brand only adds to the value of the gift and the wow from the recipient. It also guarantees usage! Yummy in the tummy is always a hit! If your in need of lumpy mail that will delight or something shareable for a whole office, send in the snacks! Or a whole ham if you like! Take a peek at some of our options for sweet  lumpy mail!


Go early or late - don't get lost in the crowd

Everyone plans to send a holiday gift in the first 3 weeks of December. Consider an unexpected timeline. Plan a Thanksgiving thank you, or a ‘back to work’ Happy New Year gift. Maybe a Valentine’s Day gift? This puts you in position to surprise your team and clients with something unexpected that won’t get lost in the clutter of all the other gifts they’ll receive.


plan to plan

It’s key – Plan to plan. You should start 3 months out for any gifting or promotion. That doesn’t mean you have to order that early in all instances, but that allows ample time to finesse artwork, delivery details, timing and time to add the little extra touches that can make it so special. Extra time will also save you money, avoiding rush or extra shipping charges and possibly allowing for overseas production, which can reduce costs and includes all the bells and whistles of design. Without the freedom of time, you’re stuck in “OMG we’ve got to order something!” mode, which is never a good spot to be in.


Time to start working on your next gift?

Probably is… – we can help. Let’s chat!




KARST Inc. is a promotional product & marketing agency based in Charleston, SC. We partner with our clients to create custom merchandise that’s cool, on brand, on trend, and has purpose. Need help? Let’s chat 843-884-4280 or let your fingers do the talking



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