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July 6, 2016

5 quick tips for an awesome summer event

July 4th may be over but the summer is just getting started! With a summer event approaching, you need to think of ways to help your attendees beat the heat. We’ve got 5 hot tips to keep your summer event cool!

Refresh in a misting tent

Everyone’s doing it! Misting stations give attendees the option to cool down and relax during a bustling event. Customize with your branding, custom shapes and viola! Awesome exposure. Definitely a must do and will get you noticed. Want to make the impression last a bit longer? Handout reusable sport/cooling towels as people leave the tent to keep them comfortable for the rest of the event and after.

Make a hydration station #1

Having a water station at an event is a great sponsorship opportunity as easy-access water is oddly largely overlooked at most events. Have a set-up with re-useable cups or water bottles with your branding on them, ready to fill and refill. For an extra perk, provide custom water flavor packets or citrus options, and a custom shaped, fun themed hand fan for the way out.

Stage a Photo Opp

Want to make sure your event is long remembered? Opt for a photo booth location, and theme it! Summer, car wash, mud race, go all out. Ask attendees to use their own cameras and post using a specific easy to remember, spell and track hashtag. For an added perk, those who post using the tag, will receive a commemorative bag (or various other items) in the mail after the event!

Hang out

Offer a cool tented space to chill for a bit, leaving you a great opportunity to chat. Inflatables are an awesome way to have comfortable seating at an outdoor event with the benefit of an easy clean up! Hammocks offer a fun alternative.

Don’t forget the giveaways

Everyones favorite part of an event is the free stuff (I promise) ! Don’t get stuck handing out another chachki this year. If you want to give away something your new brand fans will actually use, try a sunscreen/chapstick combo, custom sunglasses, or cooling towels. Make sure it’s something re-useable and different!


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