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October 8, 2019

Product Collections For The Win

Brand Merch Collections – items with a similar look and feel – are ideal for gift occasions, special events or simply any time you’re presenting multiple gifts in one place. They’re great because they add a little diversity without sacrificing consistency and cohesion. Plus, with collections, you can play with logos and branding, knowing that the products’ similar patterns or materials will keep everything working together.  

Here are three easy ways to harness the power of collections this holiday season:

1. Wow Your Best Customers

Put together a gift basket, or better yet, fill a matching tote bag, with products from the same collection. You’ll end up with an impressive gift that shows your customers you appreciate their business.

2. Let Recipients Choose

People love options. Present a collection of products at a special event and let guests choose their own gift. When you use products are from the same collection, they’ll look particularly impressive when on display together. 

3.  Create A Look For Your Team

More choices! Let your team members pick corporate apparel from the same fabric family. They get to choose the styles they like best, while you maintain a consistent look for the team or organization. 

From packaging and kitting, to online stores for your company to make selections easy, we can help with collections! Let’s chat! Email us or call us 843-884-4280, we’ll take it from there!

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