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May 22, 2019

Kappa Phi : Summer Rush

This spring the KARST team exhibited at the CHS Expo, but as usual, there was nothing usual about us. Our job is to get our clients noticed and remembered, so of course, we can’t do anything less than go big!

When it comes to event or tradeshow planning, we take the ‘get noticed’ approach to the max. Otherwise, why are you there? What’s the point?

We needed a fun theme and a way to engage and educate people. We needed to show an example of how it’s done.

Welcome to Kappa Phi (Karst Promo – get it! ūüėā), get ready, it’s RUSH!

We created a fake Fraternity, and turned a 20×20 space into a frat party.

Here is a quick recap of the thought process that went into planning our space.

  • 1 10″ booth – nope we’ll take 4
  • Provided 6′ table and back drop – nope, keep your tables and we’ll bring our own walls
  • Passive onlookers – um no. We’re gonna print shirts IN the booth
  • Ho-hum conversations – yeah right, who can beat me in Promopong
  • Giveaways – ha! We’ve got prizes, and shots (yep – the jello kind). We’ve got silicone Silipint pint glasses and fraternity shirts.
  • Boring display – that would be easy, but let’s rent a uHaul and bring the best of the best product ideas, and half of Ikea with us. (Took us 2 days to setup.)
  • Lead Generation – duh, signup on the iPad to print your shirt

The event was a success! We might have been at the back of the room, but everyone found the party! As planned, buzz spread and we had more traffic than we could handle.

Need help planning your next marketing event? We can help! Email us or call us 843-884-4280, we’ll take it to the next level!

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