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Embroidered and branded bluetooth beanie for winter, races, safety, handsfree promotions

December 8, 2016

Karst Karma | Bluetooth Beanie

A new favorite around the office is our Bluetooth Beanie. From security & entertainment clients to real estate clients who gifted their annual runners, this beanie has has made the rounds keeping people warm, dialed in and bouncing to the beat.

Features + Tech Perks + Design

“Smart” knit beanie with built-in Bluetooth® wireless stereo headphone with microphone for listening to music and handsfree phone calls with a rechargeable battery and 6-8 hours of playback time. We decorate the front, back or both with custom embroidery.

Who you should give this to?

Working on holiday gifts? Live in an area that remotely has a winter? Know people who get cold and have a phone? This is a win. Use this as a staff or client gift for the holidays, a runners perk for winter races and fun runs, or as a teen promo or sign-up prize. It’s perfect as a safety reward or program push for a hands free workforce.

Marketing a  safety initiative? Let’s incorporate reflective decoration to add a pop of color and make it dual purpose.

Recap – great for anyone who wants to stay warm, runs, plays in the outdoors, loves tech, or has a head!


Love this idea? Let’s get to work!

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