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December 6, 2016

5 Things to Do Right Now With Your Leftover Marketing Budget


It’s the end of the year – people are sparse – and funds are too. Or are they? Do you find yourself with leftover funds that need to be allocated or they will be lost into the oblivion of the 2016 taxes’ lost write offs?

Budgeted marketing dollars are dollars that are already planned to be spent, and often lost in the following year as well if not used. Take a peek and make sure you’ve used what you planned. Trying to save this money, can hurt you in the long run and you’ll fall short next year.


Here are 5 things you can do right now to put those funds to good use.


1. Order / Reorder Promotional Products & Apparel

The end of the year makes a great situation for the “Send to me next year, but bill me this year please.” project. Sit back and start to plan what you may need to order anyway in the first few months of the year. You’ll not only knock it out now and save some time, but you’ll have end of the year pricing on many items to take advantage of as well as closeouts that will be not replenished the following year. By getting a head start, you’ll also be privy to seeing the newest trends for apparel and promotional products for the coming year, items most companies are not shown of until months later. Need to restock? It’s also a great time to replenish the marketing materials, as prices typically jump a bit Jan 1.


2. Buy Extra Supplies & Hardware

Surprise your team with a bonus charger for home – not always an exciting perk – but useful, and helpful when it does not have to come from their pocket. Having one at home and work, gives them a backup and saves them hauling it back and forth. It’s the simple things.


3. Professional Team Headshots

Each member of your team reflects your company’s brand and its values … so don’t you want them to look good? Tell your teammates to wear their Sunday best, and then hire a photographer to come to the office to take their mugshot. Your teammates will be thrilled to finally remove that selfie they’ve been using on their LinkedIn profile for the past few years.


4. Subscriptions

It’s hard to justify through the year, but publications like eMarketer, mainstream media sites, or things like AdWeek help to education and inspire your team. They’ll be smarter in the long run for it.


5. Class Reimbursement

Never. Stop. Learning. Especially in these times, we can never become content when it comes to technology and marketing. Offer continued education in your industry or try purchasing classses from places like CodecademySkillshare, and your local continuing ed classes to keep you and your team at the top of your game.


Sure-up your supplies and skills and start 2017 strong. Need help – let’s chat!




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