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December 5, 2016

Ode to the Holiday Budget  

With the holidays upon us, we all try to ignore the dreaded b-word, the one that’s always hovering over our shoulders: Budget. I know, I know, we just want to spend whatever we want on everyone we care about, but sometimes what we want doesn’t fit with what we can afford. Here at Karst, we strive to create the perfect promotional gift for your client’s personal space. And we’re not phased by any dollar amount you want to dedicate to an idea.

Smaller Budget ($5-10)

Smaller budgets don’t mean you have to sacrifice quality – or creativity. The perfectly tailored promotional product can go a long way for just a few dollars, or sometimes cents! Popular items this year include cutting boards with branded or embossed logos, customized tote bags and backpacks, monogrammed golf balls, and personalized tumblers.

Small Budget Custom Corporate Holiday Gifts

Medium Budget ($10-30)

A medium budget creates some flexibility when finding that perfect promotional product for clients or loved ones. Options range anywhere from flexible keyboards, to cooler chairs, to various shirts and jackets that will create excitement under the tree or at the office. Wireless stereo earbuds, infuser bottles, and Zippo lighters are perfect stocking stuffers as well.

Medium Budget Custom Corporate Holiday Gifts

Larger Budget ($30-50)

With a larger budget, Karst can help our clients make a statement through holiday gift giving. The sky is affordably the limit in choosing products that recipients will truly appreciate. The list is endless: duffel bags, barbeque utensil sets, Carhartt tool rolls, remote weather stations, carving knife sets, Bluetooth keyboards, or poker chip sets. They can all be personalized to make sure your message carries through and endures into the New Year.

Large Budget Custom Corporate Holiday Gifts

At Karst, we’re here to take any of these potential gifts, or any idea you can dream up, and create a perfect fit within your budget. Every product is uniquely designed and produced, so even the smallest of presents carry immense value and thoughtfulness. We’re here to astound your clients no matter the size of the pocketbook. Brand Better. Gift Better.


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