nexton / Westrock

client: Nexton / Westrock


WestRock, the Fortune 500 company behind Nexton, worked with us to create various projects to promote the their new development. A commercial & residential community, Nexton’s focus on connectivity, efficiency, productivity family and community drove our design track for promoting it to brokers, families, & business owners.

To showcase their stellar patterns and color pallets, we focused on fully custom materials and decoration techniques to maintain all brand standards – and well, aren’t they awesome!


Here’s a snapshot into just 2 of the Nexton projects we’ve completed :


Broker Event: We created these custom lunch bags for brokers to promote and educate realtors at an onsite event. They were used not just as a hand out, but by designing 3 versions, they easily served as a fun & unique way to distribute lunch! 100% custom matched – no stock materials here.


Drinkwear : Nexton is anything but ordinary, so for 2016 Dig South Conference, we needed something that showed it. We designed double wall insulated full-color tumblers sporting a simple pattern – but take a second look. We integrated Augmented Reality into the cup making it easily scannable. The recipient could watch videos, add the next event to their calendar, schedule a tour, and enter to win a bike at the show among other things. With trackable analytics, we were able to easily see how many had interacted and what they had done. An interactive cup, with top of the line tech, that’s a first. Bonus : We update the the app and use them for future events still!