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October 10, 2019

3 Tips to get your Brand Noticed on Halloween

Often we think of Halloween as just another holiday for the kids, when in fact 30% of adults will attend a halloween party this year. 51% of Millennials will lead the way to the party as well.

Take advantage of the opportunity!

Piggy-back your brand’s marketing by surprising your target market and your clients with useful and fun items to use this year!

Here are 3 ways to get your brand in front for treats this time of year:

1. Safety First

  • Safety is important for all. Add your branding to items like lights, glowing the dark wearables and reflective bags. Your brand will be appreciated, used and have a high visibility during all the events.

2. Treat them

  • Stop in and say hi to your people. Surprise them with vehicle for the road – a roadie cup. Trick or treating has never been so fun! Add your favorite candy, or ingredients for a spooktacular drink with a recipe card. Marketing to kids? Use a more innocent recipe.

3. Make yourself useful

  • There are many halloween items in retail purchased for everyday tasks. Did you know you can provide these, branded? Every time for the foreseeable future, when they scoop a pumpkin, they will see your brand on their pumpkin scoop. Or when they bake halloween cookies, they will see your brand on the spatula, oven mitt and cookie cutter. Items like these are packed away and used year after year.

From helping with ideas, kitting and packaging, to graphic design for your company, we can help! Let’s chat! Email us or call us 843-884-4280, we’ll take it from there!

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