Works of Art…

Client Since 2022

Greystar came to us as a large-scale commercial release developer needing a team with the capacity and knowledge to help curate, design, implement, and produce full merch collections for its new developments to help gain attention within its respective communities and market pre-leasing, as well as each development needing a separate collection for move-in gifts. Greystar, within just one region, can typically push out more than 60 projects in a year.

Our team is up to the task. We work with each project manager to learn the unique and individual esthetic of the development’s brand as they vary based on the vibe of the building, the demographic, and the local. Our team then curates and designs items to hit multiple marketing buckets for their on-site team to use in the months leading up to the project opening to gain momentum and interest in pre-leasing. From live events and signage, restaurant and retail marketing, and in-person touches like lease signing gifts and move-in gifts, our team ensures items are on brand and resonate with that building’s unique look, style, ideal renter, and messaging. Our team handles the logistics of getting all the items to the respective on-site team, no matter the location.

Fallyn, in Nashville, is for the social at heart: an apartment community that shares spaces and stories with a lively boutique hotel. Here are a few items we created early on for their marketing team. They are just 1 of many developments we’ve curated. No simple logo drops here – each development merch collection demands full creative use, correct interpretation, and implementation of its brand. These item sets, when set together, are a work of art!




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