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Client Since 2016

Nexton is one of the first 10-gigabit fiber optic master-planned mixed-use communities where work meets life meets school meets family. We’ve worked with them since their inception thru brand development and secondary neighborhood brand launches to push community awareness and education on the vast planned offerings for the area, home + commercial sales, and real estate referrals. With its fun, vibrant colors and assets, this brand has been so fun to work on; we’ve designed some great promo!

In the beginning, the challenge was getting the word out about the concept and idea of a tech-based mixed-use community- something its area had not seen before. The 5000 acres of land were still much untouched, minus a small greeting house, information trailer, and a fun modern logo sign that marked the entrance to what would be a vast area that would include shops, multiple schools, multiple neighborhoods of 7500 homes, event spaces, recreation and even its own new exit off of the interstate. But how do you get people interested in an idea, in a concept? Our client was exhibiting at a tech convention close to the development. What to do?

If you know us, we are on top of retail trends, we are on top of tech trends, and we are on top of design trends. We will often push you to incorporate one or all of them into your projects to keep them relevant, well-received, and used! And that’s exactly what we did here. At the time, augmented reality was new to the scene and high-tech, new, trendy, and impressive. We took what you would see as the typical Tervis style tumbler, again a very popular style at that moment, designed a graphic utilizing their pattern assets, and discreetly incorporated an augmented reality token. The person coming to the booth to talk about Nexton and explore what the concept was would receive this tumbler and could scan it with their phone. This would pop up a custom graphic where they could click on topics of interest and see what was in store for this development. This was truly an interactive experience stemming from a cup that they would not only remember but could go home and replicate again. Needless to say, this was a one-of-a-kind item no one else at this tech conference had anything similar to, and it got the wow factor across to achieve all of the marketing team’s goals. The icing on the cake was trackable ROI; we could hand over the stats at any time to the marketing team of how many times the cup was scanned and what features they focused on. This was a great insight into how well the item worked and what people were most interested in. There was also a call to action to book a visit within the graphic. We were one of the first companies within our industry to implement AR into a promotional product. We are still excited to live in that space, implementing NFC, RFID, and AI daily in marketing items and loving all it can do for the brands we work with!

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