Ten-ure Time

Client Since 2016

Early on, Boomtown approached us for assistance with rewarding and engaging new employees as a real estate tech startup. As time passed, additional disconnects and growth within the marketing strategy began to appear. Needing to connect with employees, but also users. Items were developed to disperse out into other regions of the country for events and direct-to-consumer gifts to welcome and continually engage the platform’s clients. The company evolved in ownership and capabilities and grew very quickly. We began work on items for their yearly sales events, and at 10 years, Boomtown began its yearly Ten-ure program, needing to recognize its long-term subscriber clients at the 10-year mark.

Our team collaborates with their marketing and sales teams each year to curate a completely new themed set. We develop a gift set that includes items useful to the real estate recipients and unique in its style and look, along with warm messaging to thank them for their continued support and trusted relationship. We also handle the distribution of this project 100%. Our team designed, produced and packaged the items and boxes and shipped them individually to the Ten-ure recipients.

Over the years, we have done various sets, all received unexpectedly by their recipients and met with awesome feedback and appreciation. Boomtown has 2400+ companies onboard, with nearly 25% receiving a Ten-ure gift. This year, the kit contained custom-etched champagne, to-go bubbly tumblers, and insulated wool wine totes with custom cards in a custom-designed shipper box.

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