A team approach

Client Since 2016

Stream came to us via our CMO, Rachel! To know her is to love her and her love of design, but you may not know she worked on our team early on (high school!), then left to pursue her design degree and later became a client. You guessed it, at Stream! We worked with her team to produce various items for their multiple properties as they came online and began leasing. More recently, since she has been back on our side, we have continued work with Stream’s marketing and various national locations to revamp the employee gifting and internal merch/marketing offering with an online shop.

Our team often curates items their team requests for small batch ordering and large. Items are often used for new employees, client meetings, and occasional events. Inventory is the main culprit when ordering for small teams in situations like this. Stream is no exception. A variety of choices are needed, but holding inventory constantly is neither efficient nor economical, and neither is producing one at a time on some items.

We have found the sweet spot of item offerings and quantities so everyone has options, inventory is not required, and prices are in line. This helps everyone ordering get what they need, when they need it, with no spoilage, and it lives in an easy online shop accessed via their intranet. Orders came straight thru to us, and their marketing team doesn’t need to handle them unless they have requested to approve. Another thing checked off the list!

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