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February 23, 2017

Charleston Hat Man : Mailable Wearable Art

This project leads us to the conclusion that collaboration will be the key to success in 2017.

We were contacted by Andrew Barton to collaborate on his annual New Year cards. As a graphic designer, he has an affinity for all that is thoughtful and well designed, and he’s on point with trends. He came to us knowing that pins are hot! Yes, flair is back. Wanting to replicate the iconic Charleston Hat Man to demonstrate his illustration talents, we worked together to develop a direct mail piece illustrated by him which tells the story of this oddly placed painted man on Broad Street.

The project was a success and well received. Our local clients received a fun little piece of history that showcased our custom dimensional lapel pins (we went retro style with an enamel fill finish), Andrew’s artistic eye and illustrator skillz, and stellar print capabilities from Kimberly Hopkins at RR Donelly.

Checkout Andrew’s video of how he took this street painting in and made it into a piece of wearable art.

Look closely! He’s made of 16 different hats…


** 8/17 Update! National industry magazine, Promotional Products Business, showcases Hatman as Case Study for the Promo Industry : Checkout the write up here! **

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