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May 17, 2017

What the Fidget?

We surrender. We’ve got fidget spinners!



Are you marketing to kids? To their parents? Then this is right for your imminent marketing agenda. Right now fidget spinners are all the rage. With kids begging for them, and parents scowering sold out stores for them, this will be a hit all around for your brand.

What the heck is a fidget spinner? It’s a spinny stress relieving toy people are going bonkers for.

They’re perfect for direct mail, enter to win prizes, and especially event promotions. Tip: Create a fun experience at your booth by hosting spinner trick contests. 👊🏻

Not just for kids! These make cool office toys too.  It’s a trendy alternative to stress toys as it’s a release mechanism for nervous energy or stress. Maybe the next office meeting agenda should include that spinner trick-off.



We have the traditional spinners in tons of styles and colors including metal versions and light up spinners, along with the fidget cubes.  All custom decorated to match your messaging and branding.

Just as in retail, inventory is moving fast so if your planning for an event or deadline, plan early.

Let’s chat, and get your fidget on! 


Not into the rage? Go retro.


We have these old-school fidget spinners too!

Old-school fidget spinner - the pencil

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